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Online sales are closed on the airline's website temporarily.

"Passengers with electronic tickets on the regular flights of AeroSvit airlines can be registered independently, taking advantage of the service “Web check-in”. You can check the possibility of the on-line registration for your flight and familiar with terms and limitations of this service you are able in “More detailed". Web check-in begins 20 hours before the flight and closed 2 hours and 40 minutes prior to flight".

I have read the lists of items and substances that are prohibited and restricted to the carriage, placed on Airlines website: The List of Prohibited Items & Substances, Additional Restrictions

In case if these items are detected in your luggage while monitoring for safety, they will be removed from your luggage, confiscated and utilized.

I have read the information in "Find out more" regarding the features and restrictions on "Web check-in" service. s

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Flight status online

To check your flight status you need:

1. Fill the field Airline with VV or Aerosvit
2. Fill the field Flight with number of your flight (numeric)
3. Fill the field Departure Date with flight date
4. Check your data and press "GO"
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